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Laam Complex

Laam Complex is our largest facility management projects. It’s composed of a residential complex that contains several buildings, such as the housing of workers and employees, offices and a shopping mall. The labor complex houses more than 7,500 residents, and it is considered as an integrated entertainment and living complex. Furthermore, there are small stores, a main mosque, outdoor playgrounds, entertainment halls and an equipped cinema to serve this complex. In addition to an employee complex with a capacity of 1000 residents, a shopping center with a hypermarket and many other stores that provide logistical support to the region residents, and equipped with a medical clinic. Moreover, this complex includes an equipped central kitchen that consists of four floors and a hall that provides residents with multinational meals to cater to diverse backgrounds. The kitchen was awarded an ISO certificate through quality food and service in a manner that meets clients› expectations, delivers a high and consistent level of customer satisfaction and value.

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