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Eight decades ago, Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Alsubeaei – may Allah have mercy on him alongside his self-made partners who contributed in pioneering the private-sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He had a prominent and significant role in establishing major corporations and companies in the banking, real estate, commercial and service sectors.

We take pride in having (MEEM Facility Management Co.) as an entity of Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Alsubeaei achievements and ownership. He has tirelessly worked in establishing the beginnings of MEEM and has embedded his strategy and culture in its leaders, the importance of adhering to the Islamic values that he believed and applied in all his dealings. These values are the pillars of honesty and clarity with clients, the value of integrity and accuracy in performing tasks, and the value of seeking the pleasure and satisfaction of God.


Extending a full range of facilities management services tailored to transition our client’s strategy into action. Our aim is to maintain a premier Integrated facility management organization that delivers a reliable and proficient service to our clients allowing them to focus on their core business module.

Our Vision

To be a premier integerated facilities management services brand in the kingdom providing reliable services that allow clients to focus more on their core business

Our Mission

To provide integrated facilities management services unrivalled in quality and experience, delivered by a high performance team


MEEM believes in delivering an international industry standards quality of services and has embedded it its culture and teams the focus on our clients satisfaction and insuring longevity of our clients Assets life cycle as well as the added values conveyed. We fully realize and with certainty that the integration of our services and the moderization of our systems combined with an assurance of service consitansy matching and exceeding industry standards is our goal.

We crave on learning and improving, we commit our efforts tirelessly on proper and on-going traning of our teams as we believe that they are our main asset. We process a strong regime of performance management and quality assurance, Our success is based on transparency, communication and partnership with our client, we take great pride and a sense of ownership in insuring client satisfaction is consistent.

MEEM have the ambition, willingness and persistence in maintaining a top class as an integrated Facilitis Management solutrion in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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